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Weird Shit That Happens In Pregnancy

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Looking back on sex ed classes at school, they were obviously bloody useless because up until the time that I downloaded a period tracker app, I was of the assumption that you could get knocked up at any point during your cycle that you weren't bleeding. NEWS FLASH! Nup.

Pregnancy is fucking weird, man. There is SO much you don't get taught about. So many strange things you can experience that are so bloody common amongst breeding babes that it SHOULD be common knowledge for everyone. So I'm here to tell you about some of the weird shit that might happen/have happened to you during pregnancy.

Bleeding Gums

It's actually called Pregnancy Gingivitis and about 50% of you will experience it during pregnancy. 50%! That's bloody huge odds and I'd never heard of it before I experienced it for myself.

Thanks to our hormones, we're more susceptible to the bacteria in plaque during pregnancy. Along with the added bonus of higher blood volume, you might be as fortunate as I was to experience a nightmarish scene with blood pouring from you mouth all over your work desk. You can even get 'pregnancy tumors' in your mouth that can interfere with eating and brushing your teeth.

What a treat!

As you'd expect, the treatment is generally just keeping up good oral hygiene and seeing a dentist for a proper clean (if you're brave enough) and all these symptoms generally disappear after birth.

Increased Cervical Mucus

The technical name is Leukorrhea but I honestly don't know what sounds worse. A pregnant friend only brought this up to me recently and I'd totally forgotten about it. But be prepared to feel constantly damp 'down there'.

Production of cervical mucus is increased during pregnancy thanks to our body's increased production of estrogen and increased blood flow to the vaginal area. Normal discharge is usually clear or milky white, thin or mucus-like and odorless or have a mild scent. This is stock standard, and aside from needing to change panty liners more often than you care for, you've got nothing to worry about.

If, however, you notice a change in the colour, consistency or odor of your vaginal discharge, you experience abdominal pain, itching, tenderness during intercourse or discomfort urinating, you should definitely check in with your health care professional.

Hair Growth

You may have heard people saying that their hair feels more luscious and grows faster during pregnancy but have you considered that they may not be talking about the hair on their head?

Pregnancy hormones are responsible changes in your hair texture and less hair fall but they're also responsible for hair growing in places it may not be welcome. Plenty of babes will experience hair growth on their face, around their nipples or on their bellies. You may also notice your leg and arm hair getting darker. Weird shit, right?!

Usually your extra peach fuzz will dissipate postpartum but that also means that luscious mane you've grown on your head can go down hill too. You might be surprised as just how much hair you lose after birth. It's fucking mental!

Skin Changes

"You're glowing" isn't a blanket compliment given to all pregnant babes. The reality for some people is that the only glow they're giving off is light reflecting off their greasy foreheads. Yep! Those good ol' breakouts we dreaded as teens can make a triumphant return during pregnancy. Basically hormones are to blame for all the bullshit that happens to us.

And greasy pimples aren't the only skin change that happens during pregnancy. Your body is actually making more melanin, which is the tanning hormone, so you might experience pigmentation or patchiness of your skin. Your areola and existing freckles and moles may darken too. You could even get a dark line running down your belly caused by hormonal pigmentation where your abdominal muscles separate slightly - this is called the linea nigra.

It's generally said that pregnancy pigmentation fades in the weeks after birth but I'm sitting on 2 years PP over here and I've still got a faint linea nigra and moles that retained the darker pigment.

Foot Growth

"Ahhhh what?! That's fucking weird" you say. Yeah, it is! Aside from the feet swelling that's fairly common knowledge during pregnancy, you might need to go up half a shoe size or more, permanently.

You're feet aren't actually growing through pregnancy. Our bodies are producing a hormone called relaxin which helps to soften your ligaments and get your body ready for child birth. But of course this hormone doesn't specifically target your pelvic ligaments - it loosens ALL your ligaments - so the bones in your feet can actually spread, making your feet bigger.

If you're like me, you might welcome the growth. I've always been in that weird in between sizes phase so now I can actually buy a pair of shoes from Kmart without them slipping off the back. Otherwise you might have to drop some coin on new kicks once you pop that kid out.

No 'Morning Sickness'

Yeah, that's right. It's pretty common to experience the queasiness and vomming, but being pregnant doesn't mean that morning sickness is a given, even if all you ever see on the movies is pregnant chicks throwing up into garbage bins and toilet bowls.

I legitimately got concerned during my pregnancy that something was wrong because I wasn't feeling the sickness that's constantly portrayed alongside pregnancy, but it's actually totally normal to not experience those all too common, gut wrenching side effects. If you're one of the lucky ones, just bloody enjoy it.

So there you have it - a list of a few weird things that you may or may not know about pregnancy side effects. Pass it onto someone you know who's pregnant or trying so they can be better informed and less terrified when this stuff happens.

Did you experience weird shit too? Leave a comment and tell us about it!

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