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Pep Talk

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As another absolutely exhausting year draws to a close and the New Year rolls in, our brains automatically start to think about the year that was and we slowly begin to torment ourselves.

Let's face it: it's fucking rare that we achieve all, if any, of our New Year's resolutions. I mean, I know I personally set a goal of reading more books but I've got no idea how you're meant to do that as a parent. Real life gets in the way of shit. And lack of sleep; and kids; and jobs; and procrastination; and that phone that's strapped to our hands 24/7 makes it really fucking hard to do anything. 

But I think one of our biggest problems is not acknowledging the small things that we've achieved throughout the year. Maybe they're not even necessarily small steps towards a greater goal. Maybe they're just tiny little individual achievements that deserve their moment. Tiny things we've done that, when we really focus on them, help us to be more appreciative of the bigger picture and kinder to ourselves.

Remember that day that you decluttered your spare room: huge fucking job. Well done, you! Or that trip away with your family or friends: you and/or your partner worked your butt off to save that money. That time you actually sat down to write your blog: it's hard to get those creative juices flowing. When you took a few small steps to start your own business: allowing yourself to be vulnerable is incredibly brave of you. And those days where you could barely peel yourself out of bed but you still managed to check in with your GP about your mental health: well, fuck. That's the biggest achievement of all.

This here is your little pep talk for the year ahead.

By all means, push yourself to take a big leap, but don't go overboard on a long list of resolutions. Set yourself a few small, achievable goals. And if NY resolutions aren't your thing, that's cool too. Just make sure you pat yourself on the back for the little things. And let your friends know when you're proud of them too. Give yourself a hug and tell yourself you're doing a good job. Because you are. 

You got this. Good hustle. High five.

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