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Mind Like a Funnel

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Baby brain. What an utter bullshit excuse I once thought that was. Ok, Sharon. You just blame everything that's wrong with your brain on the fact that you made a human like 6 years ago.

May I burn in hell for ever calling it a 'bullshit excuse' because it's real. SO real. Now that I've made a human myself I can 100% vouch for its existence. Baby brain is definitely a thing.

I'm not sure who coined the term 'mind like a sieve' but when it comes to post pregnancy brain function it's more like a funnel than a sieve - there's no sifting going on, it just falls straight out. There have been numerous occasions where I've been staring straight at someone as they speak to me but I haven't heard a word they've said. I've bought paper towel instead of toilet paper. I've started approximately 15 different household jobs without actually finishing one. I've put my phone in some random as hell places (some of that may be my child's doing but it definitely fucks with me). I've put clothes in the dryer and not actually turned it on and 2 days go by before I realise Des doesn't have any work shirts and they now smell like mould.

So what the hell do you do?

Well you could try your hand at a to do list or a weekly planner like I have but the trouble with that is that you actually need to remember to write shit on it otherwise it's pointless. You could try some meditation to help make yourself more present but good luck trying to turn off your mental load for that.

When it all boils down there's basically nothing we can do but accept that this is it now. Our brains are pretty much fucked from the moment we get pregnant and instead of beating ourselves up about we need to go the other way around and high five ourselves when manage to actually follow a task through to completion because that's a real achievement in my eyes.

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