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3 Tips For Travelling With Kids

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Its pretty daunting having to think about all the shit you need to pack when you’re travelling with kids. Have you got enough changes of undies and pants in case they piss themselves every 3 hours? Should I bring the big pram? The small stroller? A carrier? Wing it altogether? Should I buy one of those travel cots? Will they fall asleep in a hotel bed? Should we really be doing this?

Well I’ve got 3 rock solid tips to make sure things go a little more smoothly once you’re on your way (absolutely no guarantees). 

1. Pack snacks for your kid

I’ve found that basically 50% of the reason they crack the shits is because they’re hungry. Pack heaps of different snacks because lawd knows the thing that they loved to eat yesterday, they’re gonna hate today.

You dropped your toy? Here’s some cheese and crackers. Your hair hurts? Here’s some carrots and hummus. Your sister looked at you? Here’s an apple. You hate all this food that’s actually good for you? Have this chocolate cake. 

Believe me, you can save yourself from a lot of meltdowns by pulling out some snacks. 

2. Pack snacks for yourself

You’re no stranger to getting hangry and from what I’ve heard, the best way to raising a happy child is by making sure the parents are happy. 

It’s important to make sure your kids are well fed but make sure you look after #1. And there’s nothing saying that you need to eat their healthy snacks. Pack yourself some ‘adult only’ snacks to keep yourself sane. 

3. Pack snacks for strangers

Sometimes a full blown atomic meltdown is unavoidable. If you’re in the comfort of your own vehicle then that’s your shit to deal with. But if this happens while you’re on some form of public transport, that’s another story.

In these cases, it’s a good idea to pack emergency snack packs for the random strangers seated around you. Kind of like a peace offering for them having to put up with the shit that you usually cop on your own. 

If you get to this point, make sure you administer points 1 and 2 again.

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